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It all began on Earth when a group of genetic scientists unlocked the secrets of mutational evolution. They set in motion the greatest experiments known to mankind since creation. They had created new life, more advanced than themselves. The cry of the public was deafening, calling them abominations and forcing the projects to shut down. There were many in the government however who desired to exploit these experiments and like most government programs it would continue. In guarded secrecy the projects were moved clear across the galaxy where these new beings would be left to their own unchecked motivations and genius. The first thing they did was figure out how to slow their own aging process to a literal standstill. With this freedom from the restraints of time they turned their attentions to the creation of a new civilization. They managed to push evolution up a few thousand years and bestowed intelligence on the emerging races who declared their creators “ANCIENTS”. The Ancients devoted extra efforts on a select few, unknowingly creating rulers who became icons of their societies. With godlike powers these beings brought rule to their families and destruction to the Ancients. The Ancients had it good up to the time of purification. Remorseus, who was their first major project, quickly learned their science then let them help with his designs for the Beta race. Remorseus understood, he could see where events would lead and so he took the initiative. 82 years after the Ancients had been moved to this planet Remorseus waged war on them, attacking them in their labs and cities. The Ancients fled, scattering across the land and were hunted by cold Shadow Assassins sent to dispatch as many as they could find. After seven years there were less than ten Ancients left. In the end there remain only five. Two work for Remorseus, held captive in his subterranean dungeon. One found a home with the Highland Betas, themselves thought of as only legends, and lives in obscurity. Two others escaped into the Badlands where they continued their experiments, trying to undo what they had done. 200 years after Remorseus helped to bring Wrayna to power Recnac Eno fell from the sky, a shining sentinel from Earth. Remus, one of the two Ancients from the wilderness guessed at who he was when he fell and sought out Recnac Eno. He managed to restore much of the great lord’s memory before he was discovered and killed by a Shadow Assassin. The Ancient who remained in the Badlands remains a great terror to all, continuing his experiments and sending horrifying creatures out to destroy all of their earlier creations. He has gone mad in his hermitage and is not understood by anyone. A legend, he has become worshiped and feared


Our story takes place in a distant solar system on a world called Prahs. There are two planets in this system, both capable of sustaining life, one revolving around the other like a moon. Prahs is scarred by war, its resources depleted and made toxic by the inhabitant’s quest for dominance. The other planet is lush and beautiful, untouched by selfish hands. This is the desired destination of all who live on Prahs, the reward promised in the their sacred scrolls. Two warring societies have dominated the planet for several hundred years, living by the Prophecy and warring over its interpretation. There are 16 feudal families, eight on either side. The general population is made up of similar beings, all humanoid with a few mutant strains but their leaders are much more, the products of sinister scientific experimentation. These leaders range from mystical warriors and other dimensional incarnations to monstrous mutants and cyborgs. Prophecy holds that salvation lies in escape, in the privileged exodus to the sister planet. The only thing keeping them from leaving the planet now is a sentient storm, created by the Ancients to prevent their early release. They fight because they believe every battle, every strategic gain of position insures that those involved will be among the ones to cross. Only the strong will survive. Only the cunning will gain the knowledge to defeat the Storm. The struggle between the two societies remained at an impasse for hundreds of years till the arrival of a sentinel from beyond, his rule undisputed and clearly foretold. The final war to end all wars began as the society suddenly turned toward the patriarchal rule. This unbalancing shift distressed and enraged the matriarchs of both sides causing unlikely alliances among opposing factions. These clashes lead to a final holy war and chaos turns to cooperation as the families undertake a Systematic Strangulation.

© 2023 by KINO SCIALABBA. 

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